The search of excellence

Sakura hairdressing scissors are forged with the greatest of care and with special attention to shape, balance, tension, and metal quality. They are designed to help you enjoy your work more and make it a more comfortable experience too.

Sakura scissors combine elegance with ergonomics for maximum ease of use. That's why hairdressers love our scissors. They feel free to follow their inspiration, without having to worry about the quality of their scissors and how they're standing when they cut hair.

Hairdressers know they can trust our scissors without question. That's important, because your attention is needed elsewhere: on the style you're aiming to create, the hair you're cutting, and the personality of your client. The scissors always follow your skilled fingers. The ultimate cut is in your hands.

Are you curious about how it cuts with scissors, which are made with love and craftsmanship? Please contact us so that we can refer you to a dealer in your area. If you choose Sakura, you have also been warned. We never really say goodbye to scissors. Read here why.


Silver ornaments mounted on our Sakura scissors, without getting in your way when you're working. These scissors feature a butterfly and a bunch of grapes/grapevine. Create your own personal design and be guaranteed a pair of scissors that you won’t find anywhere else!