The original “Shears Service” is done internally. Our highly trained technicians are hairdressers themselves, so naturally they understand your needs and have perfected the art of sharpening. In short: they are recognized as the best.

Guaranteed a long service life

High-quality scissors are an excellent investment. However, keep in mind that instruments with a potentially long useful life are not immune to damage caused by improper maintenance.

These guidelines should be followed:

  • The surface of the scissors should be wiped clean after each use with a soft, clean cloth or a special silicone cloth. 
  • Handle with Care. Never stack scissors or drop them on a hard surface. When placing the scissors on the worktop, it happens that a towel is placed over the scissors and that the scissors fall to the ground when the towel is taken away, causing damage to the cutting edge. 
  • Use a special holster to store the scissors and make it a habit to always put the scissors back in the holster when you are not using the scissors. 
  • Regularly check the tension of the scissors. If the tension is too high, the cutting edges will rub against each other. If the tension is too low, you feel less control over the shears and burrs can form. To check the tension, hold the scissors with the tip up and grasp the scissors with your left hand by the eye ring with no finger rest. Take the eye ring with finger rest in your right hand and open the scissors in the shape of a cross. Release the eye ring in your right hand. The scissors blade should only fall back a little. If the scissors blade falls back more than a little, the tension is too low; if the scissors blade does not fall back, the tension is too high. Adjust the tension accordingly. 
  • Have your scissors sharpened regularly by a specialist.